Why do people change?

Its a weird thing…i have seen many of my friends changing(including me to some extent)… their nature, interests, behaviour, etc. i couldn’t understand the reason though….
i’ll give the details on these changes that i hv seen in a few days & will ask those friends to reply with some comment- no justification.


4 responses to “Why do people change?

  1. hi abhi .. it felt nice to see you through ur blog out here.. anyway ..i don’t believe that ppl change .. as they say ‘character never changes’ 😉 ..our first impression begins to confuse us..thats when v believe that people mite have chged .. Circumstances may make people look changed.. we’re like mutual fund investments..we mature as timegrows ;)..thats my experience..

    • ya! It is the first impression that changes. And the reason is ofcourse maturity. But then you actually need some time to get back to the normal talk we used to have. Thats the only difference & i dont complain about that.

  2. People change..because their environment changes..priorities,concerns,fears and even reasons that make them happy..everything changes..thts my take on this question

    • True! After writing the post i have experienced many changes in myself too…so the people whom i was pointing thru this post – just relax. I have changed too. So i hv no reason to blame anyone.

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