the city called “Kolkata”…

Yesterday was an amazing day as we 3 idiots- me, nisarg and nikhil- went for a trip to kolkata…it has taken more than 8 months since we joined IITKGP.
So the day started at 5.30am…actually we slept at 2.30am that night…watching some (not to be mentioned) comedy movie.

The 1st major event of the trip was Prof. SMk…standing in the queue for rly ticket at KGP stn. We tried to avoid him but he saw & “waved” at Nisarg. Then we 2 also had to “wave” at him. Nikhil was like “Sir ne Hi kiya!!”…& he was standing just behind.hehe. We then very meticulously avoided him. Who would travel with “SMk” til Kolkata!!! The thought itself is horrifying. Though we’d hv learnt everything about Kolkata from him…the history, geography, psycholgy, mythology & whatever other ‘logy’s exist.

One more imp event that happened was that my weight, which my machine showed to be 70.5Kg…a drastic collapse from a overweight 81Kg when i first came to KGP.(Anyone needing tips to lose weight can contact me).

Ok so we boarded the fast local to “Santragachi” and the way all 3 of us were trying different poses to sleep. Nisarg topped with 5 poses. At ~9.45 we got down & went for “Ravindra Sadan” by bus. The exotic roads of kolkata (or outer kolkata, whatever it is) caught our attention as such sights had become foreign for us KGPians. From Ravindra Sadan we walked to the beautiful “Victoria Palace & memorial”. What a palace man! As it is very recent(built during the british period) it is in excellent condition. The museum inside was also good enough with paintings from that era.
But the major source of our attention was the garden surrounding it. hehe…For those who know it is like bandstand area of Mumbai. Couples kuchie-kooing at 10 in the morning. Nikhil then framed a new definition for “Simple Harmonic Motion”.haha.

Next stop was “Maidan Metro stn” from where we caught a metro to “Chandni Chowk”…nice 5min ride costing Rs.4 only. I saw a metro for the 1st time & the experience was good. The stations are clean & the metro train a bit crowded. The train doors opening & closing very fast caused a concern but it was ok. And in a dramatic change my weight dropped to 69.5 Kg…and i think it is more accurate since it was electronic.

In chandni chowk we went straight to e-Mall to purchase a DigiCam for me. I bought one Samsung ES55 for Rs. 7.2k. It’s a good one. Then the hunt for lunch started. There are street thelas near e-Mall selling many types of Biryanis, etc. We couldn’t think of eating at such places atleast in Kolkata. So our search continued….until we found a hotel called “Firdoui”. The Veg meal & chicken biryani was really good.

After satisfying the paapi pet we hired a cab to “Science City”. hmmm. This place a lot similar to Nehru Planetorium in Worli, Mumbai. In addition were a lot of optical mirror setups, a nice park for picnic & and some silly audio-visual simulation by the name “time machine”…dont know why its called so!! Being devoid of sleep our heads were bursting out of pain. The only relief were the cool enough girls roaming around. They defied my earlier belief that (most of the) Bengali girls look ajeeb. ehem ehem…Well Atin had also joined us in the Science city & forcefully paid all the entry tickets there & again forcefully took us to his home in Belaghat.
That was the best period of the trip…Ghar ka khana mila…yummy!!Aunty & uncle were friendly. All headache & hunger disappeared in few seconds.

We later moved to Millenium Park (another Bandstans like area of kolkata)…but we only hired a “Fairy”from there to howrah stn….3 min & Rs.4 only…but was a good enjoyable ride with the Awesome Howrah Bridge standing right in front of us with all its beauty in lights.
The howrah stn is such a big stn!! 24 platforms & the look similar to Bombay Central. We caught an express train at 8.55pm & landed at KGP at 10.40pm…quite early!

The costly taxi ride then threw us back to the “not so good” place called IIT KGP…more specifically, MMM Hall.
The tiredness & sleepiness left no room for any other activity…and we were off to sleep…

The overall experience was excellent! It’s not possible to cover entire Kolkata in a day. So we’ll need to go again…the Salt Lake City area, Nico Park & may other spots are left. We’ll go again as soon as this cruel system of IIT gives time.


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