Multimedia Systems & applications exam

I don’t think u can call it a paper. It was a joke. 2hrs paper “I” finished it in less than 1hr. All Qs were just timepass. Though i had not done DCT, i answered Qs on it by general knowledge. hehe.
The MCQs were a total comic disaster.
How many eigen values u get for a 8×8 matrix?
DWT is not popular bcoz of its computational overhead?
Small step size in Delta modulation may lead to ___ ?
and a very simple sum on Huffman coding.

Koi govt. college ke classtest mein bhi aisa paper nahi aata!!!

The only thing i regret is the amount of study i put in…solving SSGs previous papers which were really tough & all. Cannot forget the “Round Table conference” in the corridor the night before between Nisarg, Zahir bhai (most active contributors), Lalitji, me (active listeners) & Nikhil (he quit quite early)…haha
Hope other exams come this way only…


2 responses to “Multimedia Systems & applications exam

    • It is really good that SSG Sir is taking Multimedia subject for you. In our time it was taken by SMk Sir.
      Enjoy! 🙂

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