Midsem woes…

Today onwards i am starting a series of posts on my mid-sem experiences…kindly bear with me.
Today was “Design & Analysis of Algorithms” exam.
When i got the paper, there was not a single question Q directly on calculating time complexity directly…i mean, directly from equation of T(n). He gave 2 algorithms to analyse & find complexity. Both were O(n^2)…i knew that. But in Q.2 the math i involved was giving me O(n^3).
My mind has gone out of control…i knew that it was wrong & i was detecting fault in the math. i shud have done some manipulation to get O(n^2).
Then there was 1 Q on dynamic programming. Say luck or whatever, it was the same Q we studied the night before. I was able to solve 1st 2 steps but messed up step 3 & 4. I had thought of noting the solution(from the net) but my decision to not open my laptop (for avoiding disturbance) stopped me.
Next there were simple Qs on sorting algo that i managed.
Q3 was on writing an algo for merging two sorted arrays in O(n*log k) time. Kept it for solving later…but couldn’t get time.

In short, bura gaya. i could have been a lot better. I have changed a lot & my mind has got rusted…lets see if i can make up for this in my later exams.

As Benjamin Franklin has said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
expecting different results”. Thats what i am doing now, but want to recover asap…


What do you think??

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