14 Feb…went special!

Yesterday was 14th feb…
u might not be expecting anything from me…i also didn’t.
Exams are nearby, i was studying…expecting somewhere at the of my mind that this valentine’s day should go different than all the previous 21 14th febs of my life…
Well, it did 😉

Not in the way u are thinking…. but it was special.
I called up my to-be-“bhabhi” for the first time since the marriage has decided(about a month ago).
I liked the way she talked…aisa laga hi nahi ki first time baat kar raha hu…
As you all know i am quite shy in talking to girls, but this time it was different…she talks quite maturely & sweetly. She asked me “bhabhi kaisi lagi”. Due to n/w i couldn’t hear the Q properly & i kept quite. She thought i didnt like her…but later i guessed the Q right & managed to hide my mistake. Finally i have got someone in my family to whom i can talk frankly….


What do you think??

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