Jab din hi ‘pandu’ ho…

Things were going smoothly till yesterday. Then this day came & troubled me so much that i cried…literally too & from my heart too…
It began with the Computer Networks Lecture. He took a surprise test & we were all more shocked than surprised. Kuch nahi aaya mujhe 😦 It was horrible feeling…i m not used to that.
Fir saala test ke beech mein hi 1 school friend ka SMS aaya…there was a girl i used to like (just liking! i mean achi thi…nothing more..). She got married yesterday. Subah subah hi 2 bomb gira diye…
Fir bhi kaise toh bhi lectures hue, had my lunch aur soya. I got up & got a terrible cramp in my leg… try kar raha hu masalneka…kuch nahi ho raha hai… it got swollen & hard… my room mate helped too…After some time, dard kam hua. It was horrifying. I literally cried man! Papa ki yaad aayi bahut. He used help me with this every time… Its only in pain that u remember ur loved ones… i realised that & fent like crying full fledge…but controlled.
because immediately i had to go for “mess duty”! What man, why had they choosen this particular day only??!! gaya kaam kiya…counting of food materials, ticking mess cards, etc etc. Thaka diya pura!
I had to come back & study for next days “Fault Tolerant Systems” class test. Not able to concentrate… body & mind ki vaat lagi hui thi.
fir sone se pehle friends se baat kiya, online chatting, etc toh thoda acha laga…not pretty much sure what’ll happen in the test, i slept at ~ 12.30 am!!
So this was one of those most terrible days of my life…
[Update: that FTS test went ok-ok. i mean better than my expectation of ‘0’]


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