Being known for opposite things in IIT

Each of us is known for his/her for some typical behaviour and qualites. Ideally these things are like your skin. They dont change(i have not done Bio, but according to me skin doesn’t change for humans).

Anyways, In my BE, I was well-known for things like my “concepts” (or atleast understanding them quickly), “punctuality”, “dedication to work”, “Photoshop”, “low pace of eating and writing”, “shyness”(not well-known but atleast known), “my loud laugh (Tushar imitates it better)”, “act of helping others” and so on…
And my memory was poor enough. (quite obvious from the less marks i got in exams).

Dont know why but here in IIT this has changed. Here i m being known for-
Lazyness… those 5 min of sleep from 6.55am to 7am!! I am just slave to that. Then compulsorily having breakfast (whatever be the time). And hence reaching late for lectures.
Dedication is ‘0’ here…for anything and everything. May be i catchup on it during my project next year.
Haven’t touched Photoshop since a long time.
I feel quite amazed when i finish my dinner/ lunch so fast. May be its not that good or may be Nisarg eats much slower…
Shyness… This is the thing i miss a lot. I have become quite frank, and sometimes i feel – I am not ME! May be bcoz i m in hostel, away from parental control, etc. etc..
Memory…well Nikhil has trained me a lot for this. Dont know why but i tend to remember his big list of (girl) friends.
Bath…oh my God! It should not told how many days we (this means all of my friends too) skip the bath. But its quite a big count.
Sleeping in the Lectures…i had not even dreamt of it earlier in my life. That too for almost all IIT profs!! shyaa…
Hacker… Nikhil knows it better…hehe. To be honest, i am an “Ethical” hacker. I tell my victims what i hacked (hahaha…@Nikhil..i like that expression on your face!)

And there are things which i’d not like to disclose here (as this is viewable to all).

Well i think i have changed. For good or bad i dont know. but this is fact.
The only things that have not changed are my Handwriting speed. Hope my “good” things come back…


What do you think??

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