4th day of SpringFest’10

Well the 4th day was not that exciting. After 3 days of enjoyment, its obviously time to have a good sleep. So i did that. Woke up at 10.30am. The only events i attended were PERPZ (DJ) at ~5pm and then a not so good concert by Pritam.
PERPZ was obviously good. The entire dance floor was full! no space to keep even a toe!
Pritam’s (so-called) concert started at ~9pm and went on till 11. The music band “Metro” was just standing there doing nothing. All the music was given by a DJ. The singers were Pritam(what he sings! yucks!), Aunik(he was good), Soham(good too), Hrehaan(dont know who! winner of some reality singing show Fame-X) and yes, Monali. She was the best…not for singing great, but for her looks and sexy dance steps. The songs played were hit ones, but the singers were not good + the music was not energetic enough.
That’s all for SpringFest 2010.
Next day started with as usual heavy dose lectures from 7.30 am onwards itself.


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