IIT DJ Party

Tonight was the best night at IIT till now. A DJ party was arranged here as part of the Alumni Day celebrations.
At ~8.30pm Jacob called Nikhil for the DJ party. He was already there. We(me, Nikhil & Nisarg) were at my room, thinking about how to go about the CCN Lab expt.
But after the call, our mind tilted & after next 10 minutes we were at the venue(Vikramshila Lawn). It had not started by then. Cool girls were roaming around…we were (as Nikhil calls it)”aankhen sek rahe the”…
At about 9.30 guys started pouring on the floor & within seconds we were there too.
The DJ was not that good. Played quite a bit old songs(for alumnis it was good, but later also he(& she) contd. with the same).
Nisarg was hesitating to dance. But we pulled him in too.hehe. Jacob was in mood & needed no rest in between. Nikhil as usual was his dancing best. Rajesh & gang joined in too. Mallika was a bit shy too. We danced & danced & danced….Nikhil, myself & Rajesh were sweating like anything. IIT mein 1st time pasina bahaya…hehe.
The DJ ended at about 10.30pm with “Aall Izz Well” & “IIT KGP ka Tempo…HIGH HAI!”. We later had Bournvita at veggies & came back. Overall it was great fun & we enjoyed a lot. Thanks Jacob for calling us.


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