Lacking Passion

Vacation sucks man.
In these 10 days of vacation, i visited my friends, met their girlfriend(s) & wedding,etc etc…But as they all are now busy with their jobs & MBA entrance exams, i feel bored at home.
A little bit of reading (3 mistakes of my life & The Monk of sold his ferrari) helped. But after finishing that i am bored again.
Yesterday night i was thinking – “What the hell i am doing in my life!”, Do i know what i’ll be doing after my MTech(even if it is from an IIT)?
Am i feeling happy or excited like i used to feel in my BE final year?
The answer came a plane “NO”…
Then i began finding a reason for it…and realised that the main essential element in life is PASSION. Passion towards anything…studies, sports, music, movies, reading, whatever…
I feel i am “currently” lacking that passion. I pondered to find anything for which i can leave everything else…but found nothing.
My BE final year was full of passion- passion about doing something in life!
The only close thing i have (ie. i m interested in) is Embedded Systems. We (in my MTech course at IIT) blame the course & the profs for ruining the course & our life. But we are not putting the extra thing from ourside.
So i have decided to start with microcontroller programming & interfacing again. Again meaning, with AVRs first. then ARM.
I find that interesting, may not be a passion but i like it & would like to do it for the rest of my life…


What do you think??

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