Invert colour of pdf

Reading a pdf continuously?? that too for a long time???
You are sure to face some problem in your eyes, headche,etc…
We always thought that it would be better if we have white text in black background. Simple solution to this problem is to change the foreground & background colors in the pdf.
How to do it?
For Windows,
1. For Adobe reader-
Just open the pdf. Go to Edit> Preferences> Accessibility
Tick “Replace Document Color”
Set Background color to Black & Foreground color to White.
2. For Foxit Reader-
Go to Edit> Preferences> Documents
Replace Document colors.
Select the desired color.
Thats it!

For Linux, you can for installing Compiz from Synaptic Package Manager. Then in System> Preferences> Advnced Desktop settings, select the “invert screen” option & note down its key bindings.
In Linux, the screen or window gets inverted. So the images in the pdf also get inverted in color.
In Windows, only the background & foreground colors are changed. Images are not affected. This may lead to disappearance of some images like equations, other notations as merge with the background color. Keep this point in mind.
Enjoy reading!!!


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