Data Structure: Balanced Search Trees

Tomorrow i have Exam on Data Structures. For preparing for that i found the following study materials to be very useful:
1. AVL Trees – Wikipedia
2. Red-Black Trees – Wikipedia
3. (i) 2-3 Trees. Insertion & deletion links are given in this page.
(ii) There is one more paper whose ideology of 2-3 tree is little different from the one mentioned above. Here it is. I would like to mention that the 3.(ii) ideology is taught generally. But we(IIT Kharagpur & IISc Bangalore) were taught the 3.(i) one.

There is one very good Java Applet where you can insert, delete, search etc. an element in different kinds of trees STEP-BY-STEP. Here’s the link:
Search Tree Java Applet
Enable Java in your browser to view it.


What do you think??

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