Life at IIT KGP

Hi. writing after a long time. actually was busy with the 1st few days at IIT kharagpur. now i bought a laptop & ready to blog.

So, about iit kgp, firstly the hostel or the “Hall of Residence” as they are called here. All the Halls here are named after great scientists & social figures that have contributed greatly to India. I got allotment into MMM(Madan Mohan Malviya) Hall. It is the newest & biggest Hall in iit kgp. It is so big that it is divided into 4 blocks(buildings)..each of G+3 floors. Unfortunately i m at the 3rd floor in HK block(don’t worry about the names as there are many).

About the mess- There are 2 mess in MMM. 1 for 2 blocks. Well the mess is good, hygenic. The type of food items is also good. Both Veg & Non-Veg(quite separated). The quality is fair enough.
The mess timings are different in different halls. In MMM hall they are-
Breakfast: 6.30am-8am
Lunch     : 12noon-1.30pm
Snacks   : 4.30pm-5.30pm
Dinner   : 7pm – 8.30pm(quite early for me, but got used to)

About the food items served here(in veg category):
Breakfast: Masala dosa/ Uttapa/2 paratha with chane ki sabji.
Bread,butter(1 table spoon), murabba(1 table spoon) are always there.
Tea & Milk.
Lunch: 1 vegitable, curd, sometimes 1 additional sabji. Roti/puri- for this we have to wait like beggars & attack when the worker brings some. Rice, Dal, Sambar are always there unlimited.
Snacks: Didn’t get to eat snacks much due to tight schedule. But it has quite a good variety…from panipuri, puri-bhaji to a pack of biscuits. And Tea or coffee.
Dinner: Similar to lunch but mostly contains a sweet dish like rasmalai, gulab-jamun, ice-cream, chocolate. Also there is raita or something instead of curd. The most imp thing is that we have special dinner twice a week… in which we have ice-cream/chocolate.

So as u can see there is quite a variety. The only annoying thing is that we need to wait a lot for roti. Only solution is to have the food within half an hr from the start time. Hence i am used to the new timings.hehe.


One response to “Life at IIT KGP

  1. have you heard of “khagaghpur masala” – a very good spice mix – would be happy to know where it is available.

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