Life at IIT KGP contd.

Previous post was about the mess & Hall of residence. Now lets start with the actual IIT.

The Infrastructure- It is good in the sense that u have the best instruments, machines to work with. There are separate labs for each subject. But the problem is u need to make a group of 2 & use the pc.

The Library- The biggest technical library in Asia. It is so big that u may get lost searching for a particular book. It is generally quite empty & there is pindrop silence. The reason being its digital library section. Almost all books are available online. You can access them from your room.

The LAN- Well the most imp & useful part of IIT. High speed Gigabit access to internet. Huge internal LAN. You can get anything & everything on the LAN itself using a s/w called DC++. No limit. But quite often u are denied access as there are only a few proxies. Also in my 1st week itself the LAN was disconnected & had to wait 6 days till Wipro (the LAN provider) got it repaired. From study point of view, U can access all the IEEE articles in full, all major publications, periodicals etc in full. The digital lib too provides a lot of material. So its almost essential to have a laptop or a desktop.

The campus- Huge campus occupying 2000 acres. You need a cycle compulsorily. Also u need to run between different depts. if you have taken different electives eg. Humanities & Management elective-compulsory in 1st sem of MTech.

Soc-cult activities- Social & Cultural activities are organised quite often. You have societies for all like guitarists, drama, film, singing,etc. Hope u get time for them.hehe.
There are statewise student organistions like “Maharashtra Mandal”, that celebrate all the regional festivals with great enthusiasm. It also creates a home away from home.

Sports- All types of sports that u can think of (in India). Top class facilities for all.IIT KGP has 1 cricket ground, 2 football grounds, 5 badminton/tennis courts, basketball court, swimming pool, gymkhana, athletics… the list goes on & on.


4 responses to “Life at IIT KGP contd.

  1. Hi,Could you please tell me which correspondence course is good for gate mentioned that Vidyalankar’s isnt good..Should i go for some other material?What about Elite Academy?

    • Brilliant tutorials’ are the best. Costs Rs.10,500
      Vidyalankar isn’t good, but it is better than other classes'(except brilliant tut) notes. You can go for it. But in addition you’ll need GK Publication. GK has lots & lots of sums for practice- which is the most dominating factor for selection.

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