IITKGP- Complete Medical Test

As required by iitkgp, i need to go thru complete medical test which includes:
1. General test- weight, height, heart beat count, Girth of chest, vaccines, other surgical info(if any).
2. ECG
3. Sonography(whole abdomen)
4. Chest X ray
5. Urine test
6. Complete Blood test(including HIV test)
7. Opthalmologist report(regarding proper Eye vision)
8. ENT report with Audiometry test.

All reports to be attached in original.

Phew! I have done all of the above in a span of 5 days(due to the dealy of Govt. Railway Hospital).

All were OK but the sonography person says there is some doubt of stone for which i need to check up again with him.
And the Audiometry(or audiogram) test says my left ear is less sensitive than right & that its response to a particular freq 4kHz is quite low.

Lets see how it goes further. But if a person can travel from Titwala to Bandra for 4 yrs, to Thane for 2 yrs and to dombivali for 3 yrs (total of 9yrs) & still gets first class in Engg and gets into IIT, will SURELY be capable of “tight academic schedule” as its written in the form.

Lets see if the doctors understand this & clear me thru the above minor problems…


What do you think??

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