Abhishek Gupta- Intelligent..Bachpan se

Today was a great day as some of my college friends visited me & TITWALA(the place outside India).
Mihir, Tushar, Pratik, Amit & Amol reached titwala at about 12.30pm(delayed due to as usual Amit). We went for the famous MahaGanpati temple & reached back home at 1.30pm. Then Lunch & a whole evening of masti.

But i loved the gift that they presented me(there was no need though). It is a Photo frame with a PCB etched with my face on it & the above words. Great Idea!!
Tushar calls me Intelligent many times & my reply always used to be “Bachpan se”. hehe. I really appreciate the hard work done by Mihir in Photoshoping my image & Tushar for etching this difficult piece(fine lines..difficult to etch).

Thank you guys. I am what i am because of my friends, even if i am intelligent bachpan se.


2 responses to “Abhishek Gupta- Intelligent..Bachpan se

    • Ya. That course is specifically meant for men. Especially those who are very selfless & shy.
      Girls, as all know, are very good at this from birth!

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