After thinking over the entire day, I finally took the decision to go for IITKGP as against IITB. Reasons: 1. Embedded sys & visual info- my personal interests rather than control & computing,
2. Even if i choose iitb, i’d b staying in hostel. So not much difference in “closeness to home”,
3. In all the other respects the 2 IITs are equally comparable.
4. IITB canteen food is awful. So would b the mess- thats what i think.
5. This can’t b a reason but still- IITKGP’s website is much better than IITB’s especially in terms of information. It has all the info that one would ever need from IIT.

So I chose IITKGP and have been busy in the “Complete Medical Test” required by iitkgp.


What do you think??

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