IITB EE RA list 2009

Names of candidates called for EE dept MTech with RAcourse:


584 people called. GATE score cutoff  350 in all disciplines.

Interestingly, only 35/ 584 have given EE5 (Electronic systems) as their 1st preference.

My no. in the list : 52.


12 responses to “IITB EE RA list 2009

  1. Sir i got admission in control & computing in iitb and photonics in iitm . Which one is better regarding placements ,future of course etc

  2. can you tell me the syllabus of written test for ra admission in power system and power electronics?….any idea

    • Hi sasmita, I don’t know the syllabus for any written exam after GATE at any institute.

  3. Hi Abhishek I totally agree with ur previous comment about “IIT TAG”, I got a call from IITB RA this year. Can u tell me what is syllabus of the written test ? Also I am from CS will the test common for all stream?

  4. I am CSE student and I got a call from IITB for mtech (RA) in EE2 i.e. control and computing.My ultimate aim is to go for a good software company.Should I go for it? OR I should opt for a TOP NIT for mtech in CSE ?

    • Hi Rashi!
      I’d suggest u the thing i suggest others- make a list of advantages vs. disadvantages for going for the MTech at IIT.
      As per my opinion what matters is the “IIT” tag and if u want to go into pure software, control and computing is suitable.
      The additional things u’d like to think abt is 3 yrs vs. 2 yrs for MTech, IIT vs. NIT, Closeness of ur home to IITB.
      MTech RA and Regular doesn’t matter much. u’d be working more on project…thats it.

      So, good luck! all the best for life!

  5. and i also want to know that how is systems and control engineering branch in IITB and job oppurtunities after Mtech

    • i dont know exactly abt the course but as it is IITB no need to worry about placements. They will be good for sure.

  6. Can u tell me whether TA-Mtech in NITK or RA-MTECH in IITB is good and what ll be the placemnt difference b/w ta n ra

    • The choice would be difficult but it depends totally on u. Things in favor of RA-IITB are the “IIT” tag, good placements and well its IIT Bombay. And if u like research more than theory than this is good.
      In favor of NITK is the thing that it’ll be over in 2 years. More theory & little scope for research are the -ve points. And “NIT” tag is obviously not as good as “IIT”. Placements would be very similar- so no need to worry abt that.
      Which place is near from ur home also matters.
      Keep these points in mind before taking the final call.
      Good Luck!!!

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