IITB interview

Oh the day started with a mess.
Parents had gone out of station. I had to complete the daily work & leave at 7am. I did.
My local’s Pentagraph(the one that touches the overhead wire) got burnt out as it was reaching Kalyan station & it halted. I jumped out of it & went walking (3min) to kalyan, caught another local & headed towards iitb.
It was fast local. Got  down at Ghatkopar & came back to Kanjurmarg.
The biggest tragedy was the autorickshaws that are always ready for iitb denied. Not 1 or 2, all of them. I had to walk quite a distance before a got one.
After all this jhol, i reached iitb at 9.15am(schedule was 9am). There was a small seminar going on about the nitty-gritties of MTech admission. Didn’t missed a lot. Phew ..

There were 5 interviewing committees each consisting of 3-4 prof. They asked us to fill a form & mention our preferences & gate score. Then candidates were called 1-by-1 on basis of their GATE score.
My score (716) being close to cut-off, i had to wait a lot. My no. came at 5.20 pm.(Just think.. a wait of about 8 hrs!!)

Now this is interesting. Before me, each one was being interviewd for about half an hr. When my no. came, there were about 20 more candidates left & the Staff (& the prof too) wanted to finish the interview that day itself. So decided to take the interview fast.

I was called in a hurry & my interview finished off in less than 10min.

what they asked was this:

1. Is this ur proj report? You had done survey?
A. No, & i explained my proj in brief. They were not interested in it. May be it was not of their field thats why.

2. Why do you prefer Electronics Systems course?
A. I like Embedded Sys & Signal Processing.

3. Why signal processing? Hv u done any course in SP?
A. Personal Interest. No.

4. Suppose i hv a black box whose transfer function i need. I can give any i/p. what should be done?
A. U can give a sine wave i/p & increase its freq & check the o/p.

5. Is the phase plot imp?
A. yes. bcoz it decides the stability.

6. Can 2 transfer functions hv same gain plot?
A. yes, they can differ in phase.

7. Give eg.
A. s+a, s-a

8. Plot mag & phase of (s+a)/(s-a).
A. After some calculations i got – constant mag & phase plot. Then i realised, its an all pass filter.

9. They gave a function f(x) & asked me to plot f ‘(x).
A. It was easy. I did.

10. Then they came back to the black box & asked for some time domain method.
A. after thinking, i said u can apply a step i/p & check its response & u can get the entire transfer function.

11. How are the 2 methods related in time & freq domain?
A. Fourier Transform

12. Can u get the transfer function from impulse response?what is it called?
A. It can be done. I dont remember its name currently.

13. There’s also a RA course for MTech. Even if its a 3 yr course, its a good one. You should apply for it too.
A. ya i did. Its admission list is in June’09.

14. Keep checking the site for it. You can go.
A. Thank you.

I gave all answers but with a hesitation & after thinking for some time.

All this happened within a period of less than 10min. God knows the reason for pt.13. May be they want to hint that “you won’t get here. Try for RA” or may be they want me as “research asst”. hehe.

By the way, in my group, only 4-5 ppl had applied for Electronics Systems as 1st preference. Most of them gave Communication Sys as 1st preference. So there is a chance.

Results will be declared on 26May,2009. Finger’s crossed.


2 responses to “IITB interview

    • At my time there was no interview in 2009. Waise my juniors say its not difficult. U need a good gate score though.

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