IISc Bangalore

Just checked my Application Status.
“Not selected at IISc Bangalore for any course.”

Well it was the expected result. AIR 218 in EC & a ‘not so good’ interview.

But still failures make u feel a little bad…

Lets see what other IITs have in store for me. 🙂


2 responses to “IISc Bangalore

  1. hehe…this post is actually 1 year earlier’s.
    I am in IIT Kharagpur in Visual Info & Embedded Systems.

  2. dude, you can’t get micro in top iits……but with a good interview/written test you can get comm or other disciplines in top iits……..

    e.g: air 330 -> iitb comm

    but you can get any courses in iit roorkee or iit guwahati……

    best of luck…….

    p.s: you may get micro in kanpur or kgp with an excellent interview/written test….provided they don’t go for direct admission……

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