IISc CEDT written test & Interview

We reached IISc (or TATA institute, as it is locally called) at about 7.30am. We were not having the right knowledge of how much time will it take to reach IISc. So we left the rest house at 7am.

The test was supposed to start at 9am. Rohan was whiling away with the newspaper. Then i too got involved in it. We then went for a walk in the IISc campus(actually jungle).

Ok. Back to topic.
About the TEST: The test started at 9.15am. It was 1.5 hr test. To our surprise the test was SUBJECTIVE as against OBJECTIVE as mentioned in the call letter. Main tabhi samajh gaya ki ‘mushkil hai boss’.

The Qs were of 1M & 2M like GATE but subjective. I solved some of them. It was ok-ok. I was on the boundary(may or may not be called for interview). The results were out at 7pm. I called my friends in Mumbai to check out.

I got selected for interview.

About interview: There were 3 Interveiwers. They asked mainly about my BE project. Then went deep into it. Asked some Qs on controllers (PI) as i used stepper motors & the proj involved a path tracing.
How to correct the position of the robot if it gets drifted from its path?
Which type will u use, accumulator or gain?
Write some eqns & explain.
What’ll the robo do if there is intersection in the path?
Then gave an eg & asked how the particular path will be followed.

Couldn’t do the controller part well. Rest was ok.

Then 1 of them asked about very simple basics of vlsi which i answered. Then my time (20min sharp) got over.

So overall it was…hmm… ok…actually, bad.

I m not hoping at all.


44 responses to “IISc CEDT written test & Interview

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  2. hi…i got an air 171 and score 863 in ec … qualified for cedt written test…cleared the written and sat for interview….they said results would be posted on their homepage after 2 weeks bt that hasnr happened yet…..can u tell me whether they will put up any list at all or aontact the selected people by email….

  3. Hi,i got call letter from iisc Bangalore for m.tech admission in electronics system engineering so plz tell me about aptitude subjects and interview procedure

    • Hi Ashok,
      Sorry for late reply. By now you might have already got some information about the written test and interview procedure at IISc.
      For written test, syllabus is GATE EC syllabus. For interview, they will mainly check your concepts and ask about your BTech project – atleast that’s what happened with me. Also keep one thing in mind that in IISc they give huge importance to your mathematics.. equations, problem solving technique. So prepare accordingly.

  4. hi,
    i don’t know if this blog is still active or not. but here it goes
    i got 19-air and score-842 in INSTRUMENTATION-2014, i have applied for all the iit and iisc for coursees in microelectronics and embedded and also cedt.
    Can you please tell me what are the odds of getting subject of my choice.
    Also i have experience of 1.2 years in Siemens, does that help in intw.

    thanks in advance

    • Sorry for late reply.
      For cedt u have to qualify in gate first. Then apply in iisc. If u get a call, there will be a written test there followed by an interview.

  5. I am ece student.I got interview letter from iisc for phd in astronomy and astrophysics.how can i prepare ?how will be the questions?

  6. hi abhishek,

    this is arpit. i got air 76 in ec this year & applied for cedt exam. but have not received the call letter till now. & also applied for ms in iit madras sponsored by texas instruments but both of them have test on 15th april.
    which is the best
    & when the cedt call letter arrive.

    • The CEDT admit cards are available now for download, you find the above in your Application status link. If you find that you are selected please reply whether you are being called for direct interview or you for the written exam.

  7. hi, can you please tell me more about the admission test and interview for CEDT at IISC like what topics i should cover for the written test , whether they ask only from topics related to electronics or they can ask even from topics like electrical machines,drives,basic engineering drawing etc.My gate 2013 AIR is 3 , in Instrumentation & Electronics engg dept.,so is it the best dept. for me to do my mtech or I should prefer courses like microelectronics(at IITB or IISC) or Integrated Electronics(at IITD). I want to stay in electronics line but don’t know the difference between the courses mentioned above. looking forward for your reply,

    • Hi Saugata,
      Hey Congrats for such an awesome rank! You are in such a position where you can choose a course yourself and you will get it. It is a great position… believe me πŸ™‚
      To remain in Instrumentation or switch over to some other field like VLSI depends primarily on your interest. You will to do a thorough analysis of what you really like and want to make a career in.
      Regarding the difference between microelectronics and integrated electronics, I also dont know the difference. You will have to go through their course content. If you can share the link of their course content, may be I can help. Mostly they look similar.

      For IISc test & interview preparation, you can go through the previous comments in this post (not many are there πŸ™‚ ), they should help you. Its been some while now for you, so I also don’t remember much.

  8. hi abhishek,
    currently i m 4th sem ece student, plz suggest me the best institute/academy for GATE preparation. i m willing to join IISC for PG.

    • Hi Dhrumit,
      There are many institutes/ coaching centers that have openedup for GATE. But it would be wise to go with the older/more experienced and nationwide popular institutes like Brilliant tutorials (Chennai), ACE academy(Hyderabad), GATE Forum or Vidyalankar(Mumbai). These are only a few I know of. You can join one of them and opt for correspondence course or test-series from others. That would be enough I think.

  9. hai abhishek,
    i got air-1279 in GATE-2012. got call letter for written test for M.Sc(engg) in CEDT.
    i had b.tech percentage very less around 68% from ECE dicipline.
    what are effects with gate rank and % for interview for me???
    in what areas they can ask me???
    please suggest.
    i have less knowledge in VLSI.

    • Hi Nagarjuna, both your btech marks & GATE rank won’t have any influence on your interview, but GATE rank can surely affect your selection depending on the people before you. The areas of questions in such interviews can encompass your entire btech curriculum, no one can guess. But mostly people ask from areas that you know well and go deep into that to check your concepts (in what u know). All the best!

  10. Hey,
    I got an admit from CEDT. What I want to know is whether students at CEDT are allowed to take electives from other branches of the ELectrical Dept. It would be a lot of help if you could provide any sort of answer..Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Brijesh,
      I can’t say specific about CEDT, but in IITKGP in every semester we had two core courses and had to take 3-4 electives from other fields of same dept or related courses from other dept. It has to approved by your faculty advisor. Most importantly its classes should not clash with your core course classes.. otherwise.. gone.

    • Hey, Thanks a lot for the reply…..And on a different note- That’s a cool OpenCV tutorial you’ve put up. I work on Image Processing and Embedded Systems right now. But one problem I face when I implement a few algorithms is that I keep running out of memory during simulation- I’ve tried a lot of optimization techniques. Is there any way that I can remove the memory constraints at least when I simulate them on my computer. I use Code Blocks and Visual Studio Platforms-Although I have to say I do prefer Code Blocks. I apologize in advance for re-posting the same question on the other tab. Thanks..

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comments. The problem u r facing might come bcoz of two reasons- 1. There is a memory leak in ur code somewhere bcoz of which the system runs out of memory during simulation. Or 2. There is setting in all compilers where u specify the heap size & stack size. U can check for that settings and try with some higher values.

      A simple way to check for (1) is to run the program and see the memory usage in task manager. If it keeps on increasing, there is a memory leak.

    • U only said that IISc’s letter says u hv to arrange for ur stay on your own!
      They usually hv some vacancy. Call them & ask.

  11. Hi Abhi!
    I am from Gujarat. I get interview call for CEDT in IISc. I coming Banglore for first time. Is any accommodation exist in IISc campus. or Where to stay. As you are form Banglore you better idea. Plz help me.

    In call later following information given:
    1. You have to come prepared to stay up to 3/4 days and make your own arrangements for stay.
    2. After Aptitude Test/Design Aptitude Test you must attend the interview in the respective department(s).
    3.Please bring photostat copies of mark statements from SSLC onwards for verification with reference to the entries in Application including
    GATE/CEED score card(s).
    4. You are required to bring with you 2B pencil and eraser for the Test.
    5. No TA/DA will be paid to the Candidates for attending interview except for SC/ST Candidates.

    Which things keep with me for interview.
    And Is any other thing which is not write in above.


  12. Hi Abhi !
    I get call for interview for IISC. I want to know that, Is it required to keep Project Report at time of IISC interview ? OR Project Report is required for appering interview.
    Plz help.

    • Hi Dhruv, Project Report is not required at the time of interview. But its good to have it for your own reference till u go inside the room, bcoz u never know how much deep they’ll go into ur project πŸ˜‰

  13. I had got an AIR 236 . I have got an interview letter from CEDT IISC. There i have a written test and than an interview. I just want to ask you that does the selection in this also depends on the gate score or now it only depends on my performance in test and interview. As i live in UP (far from banglore) so i have to make my decision now, whether to appear for this or not.Please help.

    • Hi Pulkit,
      I think there is a 70% weightage of GATE score in admissions and 30% of written test & interview.
      The institute has to call much more people than they can take bcoz top people can join other institutes. And btw CEDT is much preferred course among students. So make a careful decision.

  14. hi abhishek,
    I am applying iit khrg gate 2012 ec Air-105 . Can u pls brief me what is the diff between “Visual Information & Embedded Systems” and ” Embedded control and software” In term of course and the placement . I am very confuse which one to apply.

    • I don’t know about “Embedded control and software”.
      Regarding Visual Information.. (popularly known as VIPES in kgp) its about multimedia, image & video processing and a little on embedded systems. These are just the core subjects. There are a lot of electives that u have to take from other fields as well.
      Its overall a cool course. There are expert profs in that fields.

    • Hi Yasha,
      I had given that IISc interview long back in 2009. I am not sure what’s the procedure & rules now. Sorry I can’t help in this matter.

  15. thank u very much…i had planned before to go for m.tech in 2012-14..i was keenly intrested towards microelectronix since very begining of my engineering…thank u very much…

  16. hii Abhishek,
    this is priyaranjan,i have done B.Tech in electrical and electronics engineering of the batch of 2006-10..right now i am persuing training course in real time embedded system designing @bangalore..i willing to persue m.tech in vlsi & microelectronics from iit b..can u guide me on this?
    it ll be helpful for me…

    • hi there,
      Decide your intention first… what u want to do ahead in life – whether u want to work on embedded systems (which can be hardware or software or sometimes architecture level designs) or vlsi and microelectronics.
      Also, whether u want to do MTech for knowledge/research or a good job in a good core company.
      once u decide this, u can yourself answer your question.

      I am saying this bcoz u r currently training in embedded systems which shows ur interest that field. why to switch over to vlsi?
      MTech from any IIT will surely ensure a good paying job. just time it right w.r.t. the efforts needed to clear gate and ur age.
      i personally feel its good to go for mtech in first 2 yrs after ur graduation, otherwise it becomes difficult to cope with the studies once u hv worked πŸ™‚

      Hope this will help u decide something. let me know ur decision.

  17. Hi when will the results of interview be out?

    For my interview they didnt ask any ques from project. They asked about opamp, some electric circuits(like how to measure capacitance of a given capacitor) , some simple digital ckts(full subtractor) and pcb design questions…all the best !

  18. Hi Abhishek,
    I’m from Instumentation and didn’t have courses like Power electronics and Electromechanical Systems
    So, how much do they ask in the test frm these subjects…
    Also, what all should I stress more for the written test?

  19. Hi Abihshek!!
    Got an interview call for EDT too. I fear that my project is not as impressive as I want it to be….Heheheh….it’s single channel data acquisition using Labview. We did it on a GPB. I am from EC discipline….what I want to know is how hard is the test actually? I am totally flustered about revision cuz I don’t know which areas to brush up..Save my soul…:)

    • Hi Pulkit, ur project may not be upto expectation but the good thing is u hv less area to work hard on abt ur project. study all the topics related to ur project.
      One more thing is – not all people are asked completely on their project. You may get lucky & they could ask on the specialisation u applied for.
      So, be cool & study hard till the end. Once u get inside, its heaven. So put in every single effort u can make.
      All the best!

  20. hi,i got AIR 137 in gate and have applied for mtech (cedt) and also msc, how should i prepare for interview( if called) pls suggest

    • Hi Vinayak! Congrats for AIR 137! CEDT interview in IISc is based mostly on your project.
      They’ll start with ur introduction & project application. Then they dig up all ur knowledge u used in the project & from there they’ll take u back into theory. This was my experience. My other friend was asked many questions on Power electronics- from how a ceiling fan starts to the inductance & capacitances phasor’s involved.
      My suggestion- prepare ur project theory strongly. rest will be what u learnt in BTech.

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