Uploading Problem

With all things sorted out about file submission, i thought i’ll study for midterm. But but but.. something evil was hovering above my head.

I handed over the completed report with all formatting to Tushar for printing (at home). Then Poornashree wanted to add something on the hardware implementation of Stepper Motors to ch4 (no idea why bcoz we are having some discussion on it in chapter5).

Tushar gave that .doc file to her. She made the changes & gave it back to him. BUT this addition of data disturbed the entire format + list of figures etc. needed to be updated. After trying for some time, tushar gave me the file to format. I completed the formatting by 11pm.

Then i tried to upload the file to tushar. And God only knows why the file was getting uploaded. My upload speed was terribly low (0.48 kB/s max). I tyried to send the file in following ways:

  1. Yahoo messenger – to Tushar & Poorna both
  2. Email – to both
  3. Upload on this blog
  4. Restarted the router
  5. Restarted Windows
  6. Restarted PC with Ubuntu Linux & tried all the above things again
  7. Restarted again with Windows
  8. Splitted the file into parts of 100kB & tried to send the parts 1-by-1. But each part itself was taking a hell lot of time.

Finally i gave up.
I told tushar to do the formatting. Helped him a bit, but i left at 1.30 am. I had not done my dinner by that time. Hope he’ll take care of everything.

The report needs to be submitted on 18th & embossing takes a day. So the printing needs to be done on 16th night itself.


What do you think??

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