1 day before

Tushar got that printed on Bond paper(2 copies) & simple paper(1 copy). He was doing this till 2.30 am. I can’t imagine working at that time. He slept at 3 & came to college next day at 8.30am. He is indeed a HE-MAN.

Report had some errors of formatting. I had corrected all the errors but was not able to upload as i mentioned earlier.

We told the same to Rahul Sir and he is not ready to believe. Says “aisa thodi hota hai ki file upload na ho. No one will believe you.” As if we were trying to justify the errors. And he was very unhappy.

Sir also knows how we, our project group, is. He has praised us for our work many times during the year. So such statement from him hurted us.

About other file submissions, Mech & DCN done smoothly, ESRP- mam gave the writeup of last two expts- done & given the file to her, PE – swapnali mam helped & allowed us to attach the last expt later on our return. So finally everything done.

About the midterms, both (me & rohan) had done nothing. But yet are managing to pass in all. Had college helped us, we would have got good marks.

Anyways, packing is left & need to sleep early. So bye.


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