Helpless College

As i mentioned earlier, I am leaving (with Rohan Shah) for bangalore on 18 april,09. I am left with the following tasks:

  1. ESRP – 1 expt left to perform, 1’s writeup is left. Then the Index
  2. PE – 2 expts left to write. Then the Index.
  3. Mechatronics – 1 expt left to write which is also having a print out that needs to be attached. This print out is supposed to be taken from outside(not from college).
  4. DCN – Index
  5. PROJECT REPORT – Chapters till 4 and ch6 done. Tushar is writing  ch5, Poorna is helping with ch7. Bibliography, appendix remaining. Plus the formatting is also remaining.
  6. College MIDTERMS – on 16th & 17th for which i have studied nothing. Nothing means NOTHING AT ALL. Dont know why are we having exams just a day before proj report submission.
    In short a lot needs to be done before i leave…

Our college has added to our menace.
We talked to Sapna mam, she is ready to take submission on 23rd instead of 21st.
But Srija mam has ordered to get all the files signed by 17, ie. tomorrow. God only knows the reason why we can’t submit later.
Rahul sir tried to help us. He talked to Srija mam put she is not ready to budge.
Also we are not allowed to submit the Project Report later with the reason that our Project partners will take care of that. But since i have started with the report & its formatting, i know a lot that my partners will take time to understand. But this – college doesn’t understand.

Such a behaviour of college for its students who are appearing for interview in a prestigious institute for MTech, was not expected at all. Is college ka kuch nahi ho sakta…

So finally we are supposed to do the above listed jobs in 1 day. Lets see how much we can do.


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