Taj heritage terrorist attack

It was the most horrifying attack i have ever seen. 183 dead, 297 injured. Whatever i say to condemn this act is petite.
I was at home throughout the rescue operation. But i could still feel what our NSG commandos & other rescue agencies and also the media persons might be feeling at that time. My mom said, “I have not seen you so sensitive in your whole life.” Might be true.

One of my school mates, Dolly Khanna, works as Vigilance officer at Taj Presidency (i think its same as Taj Heritage). She was caught in this mishap. She had work shift from 12noon to 9pm there. She was about to leave and the terrorist entered the hotel. She was safe but was trapped inside till 4am, when the commandos rescued her.

I heard about all this the next day at about 10am when i called her. She was just very tired & scarred at that time. She was kept under police control till the 3rd day, may be for safety or may be for some inquiry.
I kept a watch over the entire operation till all terrorists were  shooted  out.

May God grant peace to all those whose died and to those who had to live with these glommy memories throughout their lives.
And a great thanks & standing ovation to the warriors who fought on behalf of Mumbai & Defeated them in their attempt to distroy the spirit of Mumbai.


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