Abhishek gupta Sem 7 Project presentation

Google search was not showing this blog for “abhishek gupta”. So i included my name in the title. hehe.

Our Sem7 Project presentation was on 1st Nov, 2008. I reached college at 9.
The groups were categorized as per the project guides. Unfortunately we landed up with Dr. Bhagwat.
But fortunately Sapna mam was also there. Our proj guide was also supposed to be there but he was absent.
We were the last to present. Dr & mam maar rahe the sabki.

Our number came at 12.20pm. When i started with our basic idea of “robot following user drawn path on T.S.”, Bhagwat as usual started “yeh toh raste pe milta hai“. We explained him yeh sirf basic idea hai. Toh he asks “What is the basic idea, tell again?” Abhi kya bolneka.

Then we all explained nicely along with live demo (Tushar got nautilus working perfectly on the last day). Sapna mam was listening nicely. She also gave some suggestions. Bhagwat ka chalu tha pak-pak, but it was ok. He asked us the money spent till now.

After 10 min, everything was done & we all became silent. No questions, no answers. That was all.

We forgot to tell that we are planning to add camera too.
Dahatonde rehta toh maza aata tha. But overall it was ok.


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