Project summary till date

As the project presentation is coming near (1 Nov, 08), its important to have a summary of what all we have done in the project till now. Here it goes:

1. Market research for- Touchscreen, Graphical LCD.

2. Simulation of-
a.Temp sensor(DALLAS 18b20)-i. on LCD 16×2, ii. through serial comm;
b. Stepper motors testing.
c. Serial Comm.
d. Testing of RF protocol.
e. Touch screen- i. basic working, ii. on LCD, iii. through serial comm.
f. Transmission of angle & distance through serial comm.
g. Reception of data & controlling stepper motors using it.
h. Humidity calculation using input capture (Timer1 on uC).
i. Graphical LCD 128×64 using T6963 Contoller.

3. Hardware:
a. Temperature sensor.
b. RF modules (ASK 434 MHz)- i. Calculation of Max Baud rate (result= ~3000bps), ii. Testing of RF protocol (“s<angle>,<distance>”).
c. Stepper Motor testing.
d. Touch screen interface using onchip ADC.
e. Controlling Stepper motors though the received data from-
i. PC Hyper terminal,
ii. Transmitter uC (known co-ord, no Touchscreen),
iii. Transmitter uC (with Touchscreen)- (its taking the max time).

Yet to be done:
a. Controlling vehicle movement wirelessly.
b. Graphical LCD interface.
c. autonomous mode of operation.
d. Touchscreen + GLCD + RF
e. Touchscreen + GLCD + RF + autonomous mode-all put together
f. SD card interface to store survey data.
g. Camera, if possible.

My project partners  & mihir- if anything is left please inform me.


What do you think??

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