Numera ‘d’uno

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. I had participated in ‘Numero Uno’, a Maths & Stats quiz at H.R. College of Commerce, churchgate with Poornashree. It was supposed to start at 9am but started at 11. It was quite a big event with 197 teams of 2 participating(mostly from commerce colleges).

The principal of HR college, Prof. Indu Shahani, is the Sheriff of mumbai. The chief guest was Dr. R. Chidambaram, Chairman of the scientific advisory committee to the cabinet.(Quite high profile guest!).
Anyways, after their inspirational speeches we started with the 1st round. 90 Q in 45min, all commerce Qs- profit & loss, interest, mensuration, %s, etc. We answered ~50 Qs sincerely(rest were logical guesses;) ).
Then we had a free lunch of schezwan noodles with manchurian, fried rice, paneer, cold drinks. The list sounds yummy, but the real stuff was tasteless. Well, after that the results were announced & hurray we got selected 8th for the last 16 teams.

In the 2nd round the 16 teams were splitted 8-8. Now we had 4 sub-rounds. 1st was a Q-A round with topics on mensuration, work-time-dist, probability, commercial maths & misc. We answered our 2 Qs correctly.
2nd, 3rd sub-round were Sudoku & Poornashree- she is really fast at it. We scored 30pts for 1 quickest & correct attempt.
4th was pictionery sort of. we had to describe an object in mathematical shapes. I described a bench as “a rectangle with 4 straight lines coming down from its corners”. Quite correct. But Poo gave ans as “Table”, “Bed”. My fault there.

So finally 2 out of 8 were selected & we’re 3rd 😦 Well, overall it was quite exciting & i enjoyed it till the last. Numero Uno is quite a big event, everyone should participate in it(especially the ones giving CAT or commerce students).


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