Worst PC for Windows XP

last-to-last week I reinstalled my Windows XP sp2 FOUR times.
This should be a record…
Praky also earned a record the same week…after his xp reinstallation, he needed to reinstall it again…within half an hour.
About my XP, this was what happened.
1. I had windows & Ubuntu both. One fine day windows gave up. I tried to sort things using Ubuntu, but in vain. Ubuntu was not ready to Mount my drives.
I reinstalled XP.

2. But Windows has problem with Linux. It doesn’t recognize it. So I reinstalled ubuntu. This caused some problem in the MBR(Master Boot Record) & windows again got stuck up.
I reinstalled XP. But this time, i was afraid to reinstall Ubuntu. So only XP was sitting on my PC.

3. But there was 1 problem.  One of my drives was not visible in XP. So i tried to access it with Ubuntu Live CD. But there ubuntu said “NTFS is marked to be in use. Cannot mount partition”. No option left. So
I reinstalled XP.

4. Another fine day XP refused to start, saying “the file windows/system32/pci.sys is missing or corrupted. Try repairing with XP cd”. I tried that. But the cd contains a pci.sy_ file which needs to be expanded. But that s*** was not expanding into system32 folder. So,
I reinstalled XP. This time i installed Ubuntu.

5. Things were going fine…But another fine day came and windows was unable to detect system32/hal.dll. I was lucky this time. Ubuntu was working so i got the file from AMIT and copied it to system32 folder. Restart. but no change. Again restart…and XP reincarnated.

Till date XP and Ubuntu are working fine:D
I hope no one faces such trouble in their life.


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