My BE project

Tushar, Poornashree and me are doing a project named “Touch Screen Controlled Surveillance Vehicle” as our Final year project.
We have got Mr. Rahul Dahatonde as our Project guide. He was the most dreaded professor as a guide as he requires every thing to be perfect, on-time and well disciplined behaviour. So before assignment of guides all were praying “Koi bhi chalega, par Rahul nahi!”.
Chodo ab jo ho gaya woh ho gaya.
By the way, we got a comment “Very good, keep it up” by Rahul sir on our 2nd progress report.

About the project, we have already started with it (quite ahead of others at present).
Till now, we have completed the testing of RF modules, Stepper motors, & other small things.


One response to “My BE project

  1. I have seen the final report of your touchscreen project and i want to try it out but nothing was mentioned about the vehicle design and the code . If you do have it could you just mail it to me.

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